Toha Kai Vouchers


Toha Kai Vouchers, the gift of care and nourishment, are finally here 🙂

We have been asked and we have decided to give the purchase and gifting of Toha Kai vouchers a go…

We have created the vouchers in line with our different boxes that are available. When you purchase a voucher, we will create a unique code that will be emailed to you along with an electronic voucher to be forwarded on to the recipient.

The unique code will also be logged in our system to make sure that the person it was gifted to is the one who is redeeming it.

The vouchers must be fully redeemed in one purchase and can be used as part payment towards a purchase greater than the value of the voucher.

There is no expiry on the vouchers, but they will be deemed to have no value of Toha Kai wraps up it’s activity.

Denominations available are: $30, $40, $50, $60, $75 & $100

Multiple vouchers can be purchased in one transaction, vouchers can also be purchased alongside other items…ie you can add a voucher when purchasing your weekly box or order a box for someone and include a voucher for their second box 🙂

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