Smashing Free Range Eggs

$11.50 for each 7 days with 12 installments

Smashing Free Range Eggs provide and happy and healthy outdoor lifestyle for our free range hens.

The hens have unrestricted access to 12.5 acres of green pasture so that they can enjoy the fresh country air and do what chickens do naturally do….exercise in fresh air, hunt for insects and worms to their hearts content, enjoy fresh clean water and take shade in the trees. The chooks love to dust bathe and have dug their own wee dust baths in the paddock. There is plenty of shelter, lots of perches for the chooks to roost on at night and heaps of secluded nest boxes.

We take pride in our produce and ensure the chickens are given good quality nutritionally balanced diet, high in protein and access to green pasture. All this gives you a great coloured yolk and a very tasty egg.

Its awesome to see the chooks foraging freely and enjoying the great Aotearoa outdoor life – just how it should be.

Eggs are $11.50 per dozen

Please note that Smashing Free Range Eggs can only be purchased in conjunction with a Pouaka Kai or any other box in our range.

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