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Tucked in between the Port Hills and the Pacific, Christchurch. Since 1995 our team have been here working, dedicated to their craft, customers and community. Coffee is our passion, making it sustainable is our focus…

We take ethical sourcing seriously. We have to because it’s important to us and it’s complicated as well. We are a Fairtrade certified roastery and produce a number of Fair Trade blends and single origin coffees. Looking for the Fairtrade label is a great way to ensure the products you use are ethically sourced. But it’s not the only way, it’s a big wide world out there and not all of it is officially assessed, so we work with our partners and at times directly with farmers to ensure, Fairtrade certified or not, that we can stand by the process by which the coffees we supply were grown and obtained.

We are starting with 4 blends:

  • Verde Fairtrade Organic
  • Diva Fairtrade Organic
  • Peru (single origin) Fairtrade Organic
  • Decaf Fairtrade Organic

To make things easy…all 200g bags are $10.50 and all 500g bags are $21…

Any coffee purchase must accompany an order of one of our boxes – Pouaka Kai, Huawhenua Nui, Prima Earthlove’n, Pouaka Ngeangea or Whurutu.

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