Pouaka Whurutu Nui

$40.00 for each 7 days with 12 installments

For those fruit lovers out there….nothing but fruit.

The fruit in the box will change throughout the seasons to include the freshest in-season produce available, with spray-free or organic being the preference.

Examples of the sort of fruit you will find in our Whurutu boxes are:

  • Fairtrade, Organic Bananas – all year;
  • Organic/Spray-free Apples grown in Canterbury – Autumn to beginning of Summer;
  • Organic Oranges – Winter until December;
  • Organic Mandarins – these pop up sporadically through Winter & Spring;
  • Organic Pears – Autumn season;
  • Spray-free stone fruit – locally sourced, tree ripened apricots, plums, peaches & nectarines in Summer only;
  • Organic Kiwifruit – Winter and beginning of Spring.

We will offer these as a one-off purchase and as a subscription…can be purchased as an office/workplace fruit box option too.

Price for Pouaka Whurutu Nui is $40 plus delivery

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