Pouaka Kai Tīni

$30.00 for each 7 days with 12 installments

The Pouaka Kai Tīni is designed for elderly couples or those flying solo….if it is not quite enough on its own, you can always add extra fruit and veges or supplement with the other products that we have on the website.

Vegetables will be a mix of Waitaha/Canterbury grown organic produce from dedicated and ecologically responsible growers, which will be supplemented with other organic vegetables ordered weekly from around Aotearoa. We always prioritise local where possible.

Fruit will be fairtrade, carbon zero bananas plus locally grown spray-free apples and a mix of other seasonal fruit from around Aotearoa. We will sometimes supplement with other imported organic fruit, but this happens very rarely.

The produce will change with the season, however, we aim to provide a base of potatoes and carrots with seasonal greens – silverbeet, chard, spinach, kale – and add brassicas and other vegetables as they come into season. Organic seasons can be much shorter, or at very specific times of the year, compared to conventional (non-organic) produce.

Delivered within our delivery zones or picked up from our 2 pick-up points….$30

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