Extra Fruit & Vege


As we have strived for diversity in our boxes, we have also realised that there are some staple items that we just can’t include enough of….and we want you to have the option of adding more.

We will keep these prices as low as possible….and adjust the price and what is available week to week depending on availability.

New Potatoes @ $5.50/kg

Carrots @ $5.00/kg

Red Onions @ $5.00/bunch

Beetroot @ $5.00/bunch

Spinach @ $3.75/bunch

Cucumber @ $3.25/each

Courgette @ $2.75 per/250gm

Corn @ $2.95/each

Lettuce @ $4.00/each

Capsicum @ $5.50/500gm

Celery @ $5.00/bunch

Green Cabbage @ $2.50 per 1/2

Red Cabbage @ $2.50 per 1/2

Tomatoes @ $3.50/500gm

Spring Onions @ $5.00/bunch

Bananas @ $4.50/bunch

New Season Sunrise Apples – $5.25/kg

Plums @ $5.00/500gm

Lemons @ $4.00/500gm

Walnuts @ $15/kg

Fruit Add-on – 1 bunch Bananas, 1kg Sunrise Apples  and 1kg Plums for $20

Vege Add-on – Capsicum 500gm, Tomatoes 1kg, 1 bunch of Celery, 1 head of Broccoli and Courgette 300gm for $22.50

These add-ons must be purchased alongside a Pouaka Kai, Whurutu, Huawhenua Nui, Prima Eathlove’n, Ngeangea or Tini box.

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