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Kia ora Toha Kai whānau…

Thought we would pop this here to make supporting our campaign a little easier…

We have added most of the levels…just choose your level and add it to your cart!
Or you can head to to make a Paypal fee free donation…or contribute at one of our higher levels 🙂

Details here:
Plant a Blueberry Bush – $25
As keen Permies, we are keen to utilise as much of the space as we can to produce seasonally and climate appropriate yumminess. The edges can often be forgotten yet productive spaces. We are wanting to plant up to 200 blueberry bushes on the farm that will be a nice seasonal treat for our Toha Kai customers. Blueberries are perennial, which means they will produce from season to season, year on year. Blueberries are high in antioxidants and taste amazing!
Co-Investment Perks
An invitation to join us on our yearly Toha Kai Whānau Day

Plant a row of Seedlings – $50
It will come as no surprise to you that one of our biggest assets will be our people. We have enough funding for our Head Grower for 12 months, but we would like some company. The physical work on a farm goes much quicker with a laugh and someone to have a hot cuppa with on those frosty mornings.
Planting a row of seedlings contributes 1.75 hours worth of wages for a Farm Hand at above Living Wage.
Co-Investment Perks
1 Toha Kai campaign sticker.
An invitation to join us on our yearly Toha Kai Whānau Day

Invest in a Community Educator – $75
Growing and selling amazing kai is definitely our stock and trade, but it is plain to see there are still many challenges for people within our communities that stop them from eating for wellness. We want to create a new Community Educator role that prioritises creating resources and content to empower our communities towards wellness.
Investing in a Community Educator contributes 2 hours worth of above Living Wage pay plus some money for resources.
Co-Investment Perks
2 x Toha Kai campaign stickers
An invitation to join us on our yearly Toha Kai Whānau Day

Protect with Crop Cover Mesh – $100
As we are strongly in favour of using organic principles to grow our kai, using sprays is not an option for us. Pest management is a key day to day task on an organic farm, these amazing crop covers allow the plants to grow underneath, getting all the sun and water they need, and keep the pests out. On our site, not only will we have the insect populations to strike a balance with, but also rabbits, hares and pukekos. These crop covers are like an amazing insurance policy!
Investing in Protect with Crop Cover Mesh contributes 12.5m or ¼ of a 50m roll of insurance 🙂
Co-Investment Perks
A set of 4 Toha Kai campaign stickers.
An invitation to join us on our yearly Toha Kai Whānau Day

Buy 10,000 Broccoli Seeds – $250
We need seeds!!! Good seeds with good germination rates. Buying in bulk like this saves us money, reduces packaging and allows us to sow a significant number of each of the different varieties we will be growing on the farm. Our first plantings will be Pak Choi, Spring Onions, Radish and Spinach for Spring Harvest…then lots of Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbages, Kohlrabi and Celeriac…and Corn!!!
Buy 10,1000 Broccoli Seeds will contribute 1 bag of seeds to head into germination…and we will need a lot of seeds!
Co-Investment Perks
A Tini Toha Kai box.
An invitation to join us on our yearly Toha Kai Whānau Day

Invest in our Human Powered Tools – $500
We all know how important it is to find ways to create less emissions…well..swapping fossil powered machinery for human scale tools is an easy and effective way to do that. It also keeps us fit and in touch with what is happening in the soil every day. We are big on small scale growing for these reasons.
Transplanters, tilthers and seeders…these all allow us to operate in an energy positive manner whilst using time effectively.
Invest in our Human Powered Tools contributes 8.33% of our first transplanter system or 40% of our first Jang Seeder or 36% towards our first tilther.
Co-Investment Perks
A Nui Toha Kai box.
An invitation to join us on our yearly Toha Kai Whānau Day

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