How to Toha Kai

This is our guide to help you navigate our offerings and some key aspects of how to purchase on the Toha Kai website 🙂

We want you to end up with a beautiful box of kai that exceeds your expectations and meets your needs. You will notice that we use Te reo Māori for our box names - this is a small way that we can honour the indigenous culture of Aotearoa, and an opportunity for us all to learn a little more 🙂

Vegetables will be a mix of Waitaha/Canterbury grown organic produce from dedicated and ecologically responsible growers, which will be supplemented with other organic vegetables ordered weekly from around Aotearoa. We always prioritise local where possible.

Fruit will be fairtrade, carbon zero bananas plus locally grown spray-free apples (except in Summer) and a mix of other seasonal fruit from around Aotearoa. We will sometimes supplement with other imported organic fruit, but this happens very rarely.

The produce will change with the season, however, we aim to provide a base of potatoes and carrots with seasonal greens – silverbeet, chard, spinach, kale – and add brassicas and other vegetables as they come into season. Organic seasons can be much shorter, or at very specific times of the year, compared to conventional (non-organic) produce.

Ordering cutoffs are:

  • 1100am Sunday before delivery for all orders

Here is a brief run-down of all our boxes:

Tini (Tiny) - The Pouaka Kai Tīni is designed for elderly couples or those flying solo….if it is not quite enough on its own, you can always add extra fruit and veges or supplement with the other products that we have on the website. $30

Iti (Small) - A healthy mix of seasonal fruit and vegetables for 2 to 3 people for a week. $40

Nui (Big) - A healthy mix of seasonal fruit and vegetables for 3 to 4 people for a week. $50

Iti & Nui Combo -The same healthy mix of seasonal fruit and vegetables as the Iti and Nui above, plus an Iti Loaf (800gm) or Nui Loaf (1200gm Bellbird Baked Goods sourdough) plus 1 dozen Smashing Free Range Eggs. Iti $57.50 Nui $69.50

Prima Earthlove'n - We started offering this box, named in honour of our first ever pick up point, for those that lived outside of our delivery zones. However, as Toha Kai has expanded, anyone can now order this box for pick up or delivery.

It is a slightly more abundant version of our Pouaka Kai Nui…for those households with 3-5 people or serious fruit and vegetable consumers. $60

Ngeangea (Abundance)-Our biggest box...Ngeangea translates to abundant or plentiful….this is the next step up in fruit and vegetable heaven for the more abundant (with humans) households or very serious fruit and vegetable consumers. $75

Huawhenua (Vegetable) Nui - A healthy mix of seasonal vegetables only for 2 to 4 people for a week. $45

Whurutu (Fruit) Nui - For those fruit lovers out there….nothing but fruit.  $40

Taku Pouaka Kai (My Food Box) - The new Taku Pouaka Kai (My Food Box) is our way to allow some of our customers to assemble their own boxes…customised to their needs. Each week there will be a mix of fruits and vegetables, that are in season and organic, for you to choose from, and you get to choose how much of each you want. $15 base fee + what you add to your box.

Pouaka Wairanu (Juicing Box) - This is the box for those into juicing….!! A great mix of organic fruit & vegetables for all those fresh, vibrant nutrients. $65

Roots and Fruit - We have decided to run a 3 week trial (up until Christmas week) with a box of Roots and Fruit for those avid backyard greens growers…we have focused on produce that is either quite early season or hard to grow on scale in your backyard. $55

How to add extra items to your Pouaka Kai of choice - Once you have added the box of your choice to the cart, navigate back to the Our Produce page, then scroll down to find "Extra Fruit and Vege". Click on this...then the drop down menu will be populated each week with what we have available to increase existing produce or add items that are not already included in your pouaka kai. You will then be able to select the amount...then Add to cart 🙂

Subscriptions - Creating subscriptions are relatively easy....we think..?!
Some boxes have the option in the drop down menu to create a 4 or 12 week weekly subscription, or a 12 week fortnightly subscription. Once you have chosen your frequency, you then click Sign Up Now.

It is important that you don't add any extra items when creating a box PayPal will give you an error message saying Invalid Transaction.

You then click on View Cart...then choose your delivery or pick up option...then click Proceed to Checkout.

On this next page you will fill out our billing details...essentially your name, address, email and phone number etc...then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

You will see a light gray box with a checkbox labelled Enable Automatic Payments, it is vital that you check this box. This allows PayPal to deduct the value of your box every week or fortnight depending on the frequency of your subscription. These payments will stop dependent on the length of your subscription.

Then click Proceed to PayPal where you can use an existing PayPal account or pay as a Guest using your debit or credit card.

If you then want to add additional items, they need to be added to a new cart in a new transaction. You can do this every week of your subscription and these items will be added to your box.

Easy 🙂

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