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Toha Kai is all about connecting our community to the best quality local, seasonal produce….making it affordable and making sure people know how to use it well enough to enjoy the tastes and the nutritional benefits.
As Toha Kai is aligned to Roimata Food Commons, we are driven to serve our Roimata whanau as much as we can.

We have run 2 series of classes now...the first was a trial of 3 classes run at Woolston Community Library in November 2020. It was a super fun experience - in a space that was really not designed for cooking classes but we made it work and we all had fun along the way.

Our big learning from that experience was that we really needed a space that was designed for cooking classes...more than 1 oven, more than 1 sink....

Over the summer we decided that running a 10 class program, with 1 class per month, was the best way to really connect people with seasonal cooking. We ended up getting access to the use of Rangi Ruru cooking class facilities, and in March held our first class on the new series.

However...we have decided to push pause on the program for now, as we have noticed that our Roimata community are now not able to access the classes for many different reasons.
The re-launch will ake place in conjunction with the development of our Pouaka Kai delivery watch this space!

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